The Scribe Partners Story

About Us

Lyn Triffletti has a special talent, to ascertain a particular need in the medical marketplace, and fill it. As CEO of the innovative Physician Chart Auditors (PCA) for over 15 years, Lyn has a combined 30 years experience in the healthcare industry and a knack for success into her new business Scribe Partners.

Lyn tells the story this way: “My husband, a provider, was spending most nights up late typing up patient visit notes. One day, he asked me if I knew of any medical scribe programs in New England. At the time I had not heard of any, but I began researching and found that there were a few programs emerging in other parts of the country, but nothing big in New England. When my daughter, a pre-medical biology graduate, returned home from college inquiring about scribe programs in New England, I realized that this could be an incredible opportunity not only for my daughter, but also a possible solution for my husband. The more I continued my research, the more I discovered that many physicians, similar to husband, were desperate for a solution to the ever growing documentation demands they were facing today. It was then that I decided to use my connections and past experiences to create our own medical scribe program. Thus, Scribe Partners was born!”

“The initial test trials went off virtually without a hitch and yielded off the chart results. We continue to use feedback to fine-tune our comprehensive training programs and to make the smoothest transitions for providers and students. We now have over 50 premedical students placed at various sites and feel that Scribe Partners is truly off and running.”

In June of 2013 Lyn Triffletti and Lauren Hartigan, founded Scribe Partners.