What Medical Professionals Say About Scribe Partners

Dr. Roger Schutt, Geriatrics, Milton, MA: "I highly recommend your medical scribe program. The scribes that I have worked with, through your program, have proven to be energetic, positive and hard working individuals. Their knowledge of medical terminology has proven an asset to my busy practice. In a partnership with my current scribe, I am able to increase productivity and insure proper documentation in the electronic medical record. This enables me to spend more quality time with each patient, listening to their concerns and evaluating their needs.”

Philip Triffletti, M.D., Medical Director, Chelsea, MA: “I first heard of medical scribing in 1999. Since that time, it has been one of my dreams to try this practice innovation. To my delight, I have now been piloting with a medical scribe for the past 4 months. Our medical practice group is affiliated with a major academic medical center. Unfortunately the compliance policies regarding note completion and signing are now essentially needing to have all notes completed at the time of visit without any delay. As the burdens for medical practice continue to increase with global payment metrics for quality, my time management with patients is stressed even more. I am glad to say the medical scribe has been the solution for me. Without the assistance of the scribe, I could not possibly meet all of these demands. Taking care of patients is my number one priority. The medical scribe helps me meet the administrative demands so I can focus on the patients.”

Mark Haffenreffer, M.D.,Orthopedics, Needham, MA: "I am now into my fourth month of using a scribe and look for ways to use him increasingly. I see more patients, all the medical red tape is done by the end of the session and he helps me make sure that we don't forget any aspects of each patient visit. Compatibility is a must, but working for the same goal makes this a very easy decision now that I am past the three week learning stage. You will need to commit to making your visit easy to translate and you will need to set up a standard routine for questions and the exam. If you do this, you will be more thorough and the scribe will keep up with your pace easily. I am seeing more patients now than before and the scribe is more than paying for himself."

Lauren Hartigan, V.P. Operations of Scribe Partners and Certified Medical Auditor: “Scribe Partners provides an opportunity for pre-med students to shadow a provider as a type of “court stenographer” to assist with the work overload being placed on providers. In our initial pilot phase, Scribe Partners realized that if our scribes could learn how to help providers with not only EMR note creation but also with daily charging (i.e. CPT, ICD-9 coding/billing awareness) the providers could get some much needed relief from their daily workload and students like myself would have a unique opportunity to gain a meaningful experience and much desired reference to get into medical school”. The increasing demands for more and more EMR documentation and time from our providers has spun an interest in small pockets across the country to have providers team up with pre-med students to serve as “Medical Scribes”.