For Scribes

Why Become a Scribe?

If you’re a pre-med student or you’re in nursing, NP or PA school and are looking for a more hands on experience in the medical field, look no further. Becoming a medical scribe is a great way to truly immerse yourself in the daily life of a provider and to get a true reflection of what it is like to think like a true practicing physician. As a scribe you are able to establish a one on one connection with a provider and use this connection to create a well-documented medical note in the Electronic Medical Records (EMR), while also earning good money.

The medical scribe truly bridges the gap between shadowing experiences and real world exposure. There is no better way to get to know this level of detail before even entering medical school.

How Do Scribes Help Physicians?

Scribes free up doctors from the tedious task of medical record keeping, by accurately recording and creating their notes in the EMR in real time during examinations and procedures. As a result, doctors are able up to see more patients and spend more time focused on their patients.